Friday, April 11, 2008

the BF is coming today. yay!!!

I rarely get so excited over an event that my brain cannot focus on anything but. Wait...I'm lying...I get quite excited over many many things and easily lose focus--concerts, shoe sales, sunny days, puppies, hair dye, and ooh, let's not forget the joy I felt when I finally learned to pluck my own eyebrows. So, nevermind--scratch that thought. But anyway, the BF is driving up tonight, and I can't wait to kiss him! For laughs--we're going to see JUMP (i'll give you a review later. maybe).

Dear BF,
I hope Tony Kornheiser keeps you company on the 4-hour drive, and lets cross our fingers **fingers crossed** it doesn't rain.


rashad said...

Your dude listens to Mr. Tony too? Marry that man!

NotHatingJustSaying said...

what a lovely blog. and what a lovely note