Thursday, February 28, 2008

i rarely go to the movies.

I'd rather not get into a deep discussion of why (we won't go into my "people issues")--but let's just say, I'd rather sit at home, watch it on my own TV, with my own cheap snacks, and with the ability to press pause when I have to pee or take a phone call. But, last week, the BF dragged me into the theater to see THIS(watch trailer below). And I swear to you, a child wrote this screenplay (i think). A 10-year-old came up with the concept of erasing all the movies from a bunch of videos in a video store and having mos def and jack black (with supporting cast) clumsily re-shoot them all--Ghostbusters, Robocop, etc--and then speed-dialed Michel Gondry and asked him to direct and produce it.

Go see it though...for lots of wacky laughter--and get lots of candy, popcorn, and soda so as to simulate that fullblown bellyache, giddy feeling of being a kid again. Critics agree. The adult me is still a bit disappointed in myself for liking it.

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