Monday, February 11, 2008


***because Mondays are extra long and blah, aren't they?***

The BF and I have a lil joke...kinda derived from one of his stand-up routines. When we're fooling around and just plain being silly, like we often are on Sundays after brunch, we feign a dirty-old-man voice and imitate some dirty-old-man mannerisms, and we rattle off dirty-old-man one-liners. Think the way dirty old men hit on young women in a real creepy, lip-licking way, but since it's old men, you somehow find it cute and endearing and non-threatening. "Lemme put some butter on your biscuits girl" **scruffly country old-man voice** and then we keep it going...until it becomes too ridiculous and we have to let it go so we can still giggle about it later.

lemme put some biscuits on your gravy
lemme put some gravy on your biscuits
lemme put some pork in your greens
lemme put some fatback in your baked beans
lemme put some butter on your potatto
lemme put some brown sugar on your yam
lemme put some syrup on your pancakes
lemme put some shrimp in your gumbo
lemme put some sausage in your jimbalaya
lemme put some Old Bay on your crabs
<=<=this was my last could tell I was winding down.

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