Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a couple quick day-after super tuesday things.

Today we've got a bit of Spring--minus the pollen and DC humidity(yay)! It's seriously nearly 70 degrees and it's February(!) and I soooo want to take the day off and walk by the pier.

And, I decided to not watch Super Tuesday coverage last night---I just couldn't hack the emotional ups and downs of it all. Besides, Yahoo sends me constant alerts, so I opted for a night of Law and Order SVU (I usually call it SUV) and CI instead. But, I wanted to post these freaky caricatures of the candidates (posted by Of course, these results are not quite accurate (check out the real numbers here), but how cute is the Big O? And why no cartoon effects for Huckabee? No fair!! Hmmm. p.s. no more caffeine for me today. seriously. i just switched from caribou to starbucks and i don't think i can handle it.

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rashad said...

Huckabee has the uncanny ability to appear cartoonish all by his lonesome..much like our current "president"