Thursday, September 6, 2007

tiny kid steps.

Sometimes I email something or ramble to a friend, and I then want to post it here. Kinda like eavesdropping on myself. Often not caring, like now, that it will probably make very little sense to anyone but me.

"speaking of mang mangs...this morning, I saw the
sweaty mang mang who delivers the Examiner to
everyone's house. Damn him. But, before I could give
him a dirty look, he graciously, honestly, said to me
"You know, you really are beautiful." It was sincere
and non-threatening, so I forgot the newspaper, and
just said "thank you," and went on my way. and then
while on my way, I saw the little girl with the white
mom (the one who has the black dad. duh). And I got
really sad. I even got a bit teary. For a split
second, it reminded me of my mom and me. Mom taking
big mommy steps, and kid taking tiny, quick, double
kid steps just to keep up with mom. I got really sad.
And I'm trying to just get past the memory and put it
out of my head. I hate how these thoughts can mess me
up for a whole day or sometimes longer. I gotta get
out of DC."

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