Monday, January 12, 2009

the world is afraid of eccentrics.

or at least, Hollywood is. What's wrong with having fun, and being a bit OFF, or wearing a tacky, over-the-top shiny suit--even if it means landing on the worst-dressed list, in the case of Mickey here?!

I really appreciate Mickey--he was my favorite celeb of the night--funky suit, sequins, blonde highlights, (botox), wallet chain and all. He'd be my pick to hang out with at the after-party. Can you imagine the stories (and the drugs--but oh, lets not go there)? Perfect bores the hell out of me.

p.s. The Wrestler is on this week's must-do list.


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rashad said...

Mickey and Tracey Morgan were my highlights last night. I respect the tradition of the Golden Globes and all that, but a little ODB-type moment never hurt anyone either