Sunday, January 25, 2009

recession-proof me.

many of us are feeling the bite of the recession in one way or another. for a girl who likes to indulge in the somewhat-finer things, it's been super tough to cut back on my weekend shopping sprees. but all is not lost. for one, i love vintage and re-sale shopping--and a great deal of my wardrobe, and all of my boots are either thrift or ebay purchases. it feels less like shopping, and more like recycling--thus, lessening the guilt factor, boosting the green factor, and, keeping more of the other kinda green in my wallet.

it's said that during these tough times, buying yourself something small, like new makeup, keeps a lady happy. it's called the 'lipstick effect.'

so, today when alesia and I bounced over to soho, I had to put on my horse-sized blinders--in sephora, where all the magically delicious face and body-care products call to me, that's a colossal effort. i'm a moisturizing ADDICT! i want this and i want that...and by this i mean the urban decay concealor, and that: the korres fig shower gel and body butter. but i stopped myself from splurging--I know, no fun. instead, i bought something i needed. a new hat...a true necessity in this cold-wave we're experiencing in the north east. I convinced a hat man on orchard to sell me this 25-dollar, hand-knitted beauty for 15 bucks. Baby soft and warm--this little hat feels like something my grandma might've knitted, had she been a knitter.

We ended a day of mostly browsing and gawking with 6-dollar cuban ham-n-cheese sandwiches, and 2-dollar yeast donuts from Donut Plant. yum! Indeed, an ab-fab, recession-proof way to spend a Sunday afternoon! p.s. I Googled "how to knit" and apparently it's self-teachable. hmmm, a new recession-proof hobby?

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Angda said...

it's SO cute! I want one! I have a rasta-style poet's hat that someone knit for me. If only I knew how to crochet things other than scarves and baby blankets...