Wednesday, January 14, 2009

vanity is good for your health.

The only reason I haven't smoked a cigarette in two days is b/c I don't want my hair to smell like an ashtray. It took 2 hours to flat iron, and I'm not throwing that away for 4 minutes of nicotine-laced joy.

And then, there's this buzz about third-hand smoke. The message here: Don't smoke when your kids are around you...duh. Oh, and don't smoke in your house or car if you have kids, and don't let your kids sniff your hair after you've finished smoking.


rashad said...

so is sheila e....

£ said...

see, vanity is not always a pejorative! I know many a time that was the only thing standing between me and an extra donut, or slice of pie, bag of chips...etc etc.

and LOL @ rashad (appollonia over sheila e though )