Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i need to get cable...

...for two reasons:

1) On Feb. 17, 2009, my roomie and I will have to get a DTV converter box.

2) The junk on network tv considerably outweighs the quality stuff. i.e. The World Music Awards have to be the lamest music awards show ever. They should rename the show, "We'll Give Awards To Whoever Shows Up to our Sucky Awards Show." And can someone tell me if that's beyonce's real hair? It looks natural--and besides, are weaves even popular anymore? Are they still called weaves? I'm so out of the loop. Anyway, she's still annoying as hell to me, and i'm soooo not okay with her portraying the great Etta, but call me shallow--I kinda like the hair.

p.s. this may be the only time i ever mention football or any other sport in my blogging. Plaxico means "Peaceful"--and not "Dumb Ass" like you may have thought. And, I've been wondering about this too.


Janelle said...

1) you can get the converter box for free (gov't issued voucher) but

2) cable tv is sooo much better, edgier. And to answer your question about Beyonce, HELLL TO DA NAWWWWWW that is not her real hair but I like it too! :) hahahaha
And weaves will forever be popular because if we can't grow it, we can sew it! hahahahahaa

Chubbs said...

Janelle, you're awesome! thanks for setting me straight. I kinda want a weave now.

£ said...

plaxico is an idiot II D Extreme (remember them? lol)

TV has the suck whether its regular or cable. in my opinion anyway.

beyonce's hair is definitely not hers(well not all of it)

Speaking of beyonce and cable..and idiots(lol) - i saw the video for her version of Etta's At Last, last night.


i don't like it. I tried to be open minded, but *thumbs down* beyonce doesn't have the chops required to deliver a song like that. She doesn't know how to smolder. The restraint required to deliver those lyrics in a way to do etta's version justice - she just doesn't have.

Chubbs said...

well said, Lex. I agree...Beyonce's version cannot compare to Etta's classic. I'm still upset about the casting for that movie...yet I want to see it, b/c I love Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def.