Monday, December 8, 2008

bitter cold and disappointment.

today was one of those days. you know the kind where you have to double-wrap your scarf around your face, wear multiple layers under your coat, and would rather just let your cell phone ring than take off your gloves to answer it. yep, bitter bitter cold today. typing from my warm bedroom right now, i feel lucky to have a roof, albeit a small one, over my head.

now on to the disappointment. so, i kinda love coffee, and rachel invited me to a coffee cupping at Joe--think wine tasting, but only with coffee. So, of course i took her up on her offer--i'd never turn down FREE coffee. Now i'll rundown what this cupping consists of:
- a long lecture-style explanation of coffee aroma, flavor, body, after-taste, yadda yadda yadda
- a sniffing of the grounds, then a sniffing of the grounds after adding hot water, then a sniffing of the grounds and water while stirring with a spoon.
- Then after 15 or so people have sniffed the hell out of these 4 different blends of coffee, can you guess what comes next?
- A tasting of these same coffees that have been sniffed. And not separate cups for each of us--nope, we all had to slurp from the same group of mugs.
- Rachel and I stared at the mugs, then at eachother, then at the mugs, and voted unanimously against the tasting portion of the cupping, or shall we call it the "swap spit and germs with a dozen or so strangers." Oh well. So much for free coffee.

p.s. today, a tiny thought popped into my head. CANCEL YOUR BLOG. I have fully thought it through, so needless to say, I have to weigh out the pros and cons. To be honest, I think I'm a bit bored of reading my out-loud thoughts.


rashad said...

I have thought about ending my blog many days, so I understand the sentiment. Or you can just start a coffee blog that you update once a week. Best of both worlds right?

Angda said...

I imagine that the coffee tasting would have been perfect, if you would have been given your own cups. [I think it's the next big thing].

As for your blog--it has been my joy to have a window into your life since we don't get to talk as much now that I'm out here. [i.e., DON'T CANCEL THE BLOG!] We'd go back to longish emails every few months instead of fun exchanges almost weekly!

Lastly--plan a weekend out here in Jan or Feb. I have a fireplace...

etoilee8 said...

Well I'm not bored and that's all that matters. Don't you dare do such a thing (I'd miss it too much). By the way, that coffee cupping event would have made my mother climb walls. She is a germaphobe times 10.

£ said...

What in the world? Is that par for the course? Backwash accented coffee for a tasting? Color me gauche but i'll pass. What a downer.

(the rest of the evening sounded cool though. And something i'd very much like to experience...with my own cup of course.)

You know, i've been seriously considering ending my blog too...its not that i've run out of thoughts, i've just run out of words, or the patience required to put them into words. And like you said, the desire to see those same thoughts put to print. I don't know.

Anyway, as much as i understand,(or think i do) i'm with Angda and Etoilee. You can't stop now! I love your blog. You can't leave us!

Janelle said...

"swap spit and germs with a dozen or so strangers."

umm is this recessionized coffee cupping??? next time BYOM - bring your own mug! LOL

While I understand how you're feeling about blogging, you just can't cancel it. Who else is going to chew up thoughts then paste them together to reveal love and pain???? ;)