Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i hate what i'm wearing today.

I know it's frivolous and shouldn’t matter since I work for a non-profit and no one here really cares. All they ever say anyway is "you're so stylish" and "you're so skinny"--both of which I abhor. But, today it's all wrong.

The black pants, which I refuse to let go of because I bought them in Canada and Hannah and I have the exact same pair (except mine are a 26 and hers are a 25--lucky duck), are a bit too "fitted" in the thigh-booty area. I'm going with the "they shrunk" argument rather than the "I grew" theory. And since there are too tight and I'm wearing my staple granny panties, the panty lines are squished and clearly fighting their way through my butt pockets.

I'm wearing a sleeveless Spring blouse (it's about 30 degrees outside btw) and (thankfully) a black cardigan--but it doesn't quite lay right over the Canadian black pants. Not to mention, the cardigan is a darker, cleaner, newer shade of black than the pants. Did I mention, the pants seem to spitefully collect every piece of lent, cat hair, and dust-bunny they come across? oy vey.

The new flat black boots are awesome, but not today. They don't go well with these pants. The pants deserve heels. But, I walked to work today, so flats were the wiser choice for the feetses.

All this wardrobe discombobulation is owed to my hasty packing-for-a-sleepover-at-the-lover's-apartment. so I blame him. :-P

But, on a rosier note, my makeup is smashing, daaa-ling! And all the corkscrews on my head are screwin' the they're supposed to screw **giggle**...which rarely happens. I don't know how I ever lived without this and this. And an honorable mention for the eye shadows and blush set I bought from Anthropologie last year that I probably should have thrown out by now for eye health reasons, but who cares, I love it!

p.s. I think I need my own fashion-like blog. more to come on that...

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asabi said...

um hello..a shout out to the one that introduced you to the new fab makeup?? oh and dont forget the wonderment of getting your color "tested" by a running nosed "artist" with questionable scabs. lol