Wednesday, November 19, 2008

letting go... a feat among a perpetual list of feats I've found so much easier to pull off as a child than as an adult. In my child's mind, not knowing the true value of what I was letting go of seemed to help with the divorce. In my adult's a constant battle of heart and head. Growing up is hard. *sigh*

Today, my head won over my heart.

I'm saying goodbye to something beautiful. Something that has both brought me unmatched joy, and has borne the weight of my baggage for several months. But as of late has begun to cause me more than a little pain.

BACK PAIN! arrgh.

Alas, I could no longer bear it. So, farewell my fabulous, maple-colored (and odored), one-of-a-kind bag. May your re-thrifting lead you to the arm of one that can love you even greater than I.

p.s. there's a doe and buck mating outside my window. well, it's more like a game of cat and mouse. (same thing I suppose.) she's hiding beneath a tree, and he's waiting patiently for her to come around.


Nichole said...

omg. send it to meee!

Chubbs said...

seriously? if you're serious, I will. i've loved it so, but it's done me wrong. maybe my "trash" can be your treasure.

Angda said...

I was going to say the same thing! I'll pay for the shipping if you mail it to me! By the way, you are SO dramatic, I love it! [I was so worried about what had happened and what you were giving up...]

Chubbs said...

awww Angda...I've already promised it to Nichole. First come, first serve. But you know, I wish I had two...I'd totally send one your way. Miss you so much, btw! I'll send you an email offline...I mean, off-blog :-)

p.s. ha! me? dramatic?

etoilee8 said...

I've been having back pain recently too. I can only blame my bag and my heavy camera! I can't believe how much crap I carry. I've got to work on that, it's so uncessary.