Tuesday, November 18, 2008


just a couple flurries for only 5 minutes. but really beautiful.

...and speaking of snow, i love this... p.s. ...and speaking of crazy, i love this too. Three out of 4 white supremacists are pro-Obama--and some say he's "not Black enough.".


etoilee8 said...

Oh my god. That article made me want to scratch my head, laugh and cry all at once. How the hell is that possible?

£ said...

we had some flurries here as well...i didn't see them, but i heard about them from folks that were out and about. if flurries stayed flurries i wouldn't mind snow at all.

and i LOVE calvin and hobbes. its probably my favorite comic strip. i collect all the compilations.

as far as the article? etoilee88 gave my reaction verbatim.

Janelle said...

I'm glad I missed the flurries that day. I'm sooo not ready.

Calvin and Hobbes was the bestest.

Oh and I'm gonna co-sign on Lex's cosign on that article. Whew! LOL