Monday, February 16, 2009


i had no real plans to celebrate..."I just wanna do something low key." well, it was anything but...*smiles* (thanks hans)

♥ din-din at Sticky Rice (I must have that giant blue chandelier!!)

♥ beers under the red lights of motor city (no, no doorguy yet. my long-lost brother, apparently, was there)

♥ delicious orange-flavored shots and Jimmy James at the magician (tom, what did u put in those shots???),

♥ impromptu lychee martinis, bourbon & ginger ales, and chit-chat at verlaine (stan, thanks for fixing my rosary)

♥ more beers at motor city. (uh oh)

♥ braided the doorguy's beard TWICE--added a little lip gloss and spit to help the braids stay put

♥ chatted with iraqi heavy metal band. told one I was a man. he believed me. asshole.

♥ chatted with New School students. lied about their ages (they're sooo much younger than we are). one is the spitting image of Carey Elwes.

♥ doorman wrestled a douchebag to the floor, and said douchebag was thrown out. trash talking ensued.

♥ tried to get a 20-year-old girl into bars, in vain. ahh youth.

♥ went to Iggys with New Schoolers. (i really want to break their camera)

♥ "[doorman], are you okay?"

♥ hannah won the scavenger hunt (damn you): a cigarette, a cough drop, change for a dollar. but i got the piece of gum.

♥ we didn't see a bulldog we could obnoxiously mistake for a collie nor a guy with a sports cap we could yell "go team" to...but we had a wonderful night!! (let's not even ruin it with talk of the hangover)

here are some silly pre- and post-birthday mac-pics.


Summer said...

That was so cool.
I love those pics.
How i wish i could be there to hang-up w/u guys...=)
I like your blog.

rashad said...

Happy Bday to you

£ said...

chubbsikins! Thirty one sounded awesome.

LOL @ the band member thinking you were really a dude. wtf? boo.

love the pictures, you are gorgeous as always...and don't look a day over 21 :-)

and you cut bangs! It looks great. i have been wrestling with the notion of cutting mine for about two months. I think i may have to take the plunge.

Chubbs said...

Thanks friends! xx!

Lex -- I went back to bangs last week, and I think I love them. Though I will say, they require a steadfast dedication to the flat iron.

Peas said...

Happy belated birthday! I love the bangs.

Janelle said...

awww Happy Bday Chubbs!!! While it may have started out low-key, it seems you partied it up!!!

If the Iraqi metal rock band member thought you were a dude, they must not have a good vision plan in his neck of the woods!! LOL

I agree with Lex, bangs are cute...I may need your stylist's info. hmmmm..maybe its time for a change

Chubbs said...

I just realized Lex gave me a new it!

And thank you Peas and Janelle. Who knew bangs were so me? I'm flattered...truly.

Janelle, her name is Akila, and she works at the "Time Salon" in Fort Green Brooklyn. A whiz with scissors and a real sweetheart as well :-)

Daniel Harrison said...

happy bday! Sounds like you had a good time. Which you certainly deserve.

etoilee8 said...

Spit and lip gloss, eh? Remind me to never let you braid my hair. EVER. Happy belated.