Thursday, February 19, 2009

tell me how... feel nothing.

There is a song I love this week.
You would love it too.
But you won't.

There is a store on Orchard.
You bought something there once.
It's closing.

There is my wooden chest.
I want it back.
I want to reupholster it.
I don't know how.

There is this ache in my stomach.
remember? what do you remember?
tell me how much.

are you laboring to forget,
the way that I am?
is it working?
tell me how.

do you cry silently in the blue night,
like i do?
do you hide your eyes, like me?
or are you fine?
tell me how.

p.s. she's a ghost


Hannah said...

oh i love this, and the song

Chubbs said...

oh hannah...i cried when i wrote t he last lines of this. anyway, you'd love Cocoon ( Mark Daumail is a cutie.

Daniel Harrison said...

is that an original poem? I'm so impressed by it.

It's going on my short list of favorite poems.

Peas said...

This made the little hairs on my arms stand up. So good. You are a beautiful writer.

£ said...

wow chubbs this was beautiful. As usual you've found a way to articulate the restless thoughts that have been floating in my head.

there is pain in the poem but beauty too. Thanks for sharing.


Peas said...

I just read this for the fifth time. I love it.