Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I just ate a half-melted section of Kit Kat from my purse.

But in my defense, it was still in the package, and there were no visible lent or dirt particles present. Is that gross?

Anyhow, speaking of defending my indiscretions ...

I truly-deeply wish life will slow down a I can post! And by "life" I mean, work. At least 90 percent of my life lately is work. The other 10 percent consists of time-spent-with-loved-ones/sex/yoga/eating/going to the bathroom...oh, and sleeping. How sad is that? If only I could blog about myself for a living.

Speaking of which, I've watched all but the last 10 minutes of Julie & Julia, and even if you don't love/admire/respect Julia Child (and I do), you should see it. I mean, if you like food, particularly, rich, gooey, drippy, buttery, meat-centric food, I suggest you click-and-add it to your Netflix queue. Of course, I can say a little more after I finish watching it. WARNING: It will make you hungry.

But again, I want to post. That's my uppermost goal this week...and I have at least 2 juicy ones in the pipeline. And by juicy, I mean love-speckled and slightly sappy. So, until then, I bring you the Oscar-winning animated short Logorama. It's truly brilliant and worth the 16-minute chunk out of your life. If you watch it and think otherwise, tell me why...because I can't imagine who could hate this film....well, except maybe Ronald McDonald.


Redbonegirl97 said...

Hey I do that all the time.


£ said...

Oh wow... our lives seem to be mirroring each other. Just substitute swedish fish for the kitkat. (which btw wasn't gross - as long as it was still in the wrapper youre good)

im looking forward to the juicy entries... maybe you'll inspire me to post some of my own. lol :)


per your suggestion i've added julie and julia to my queue, and im off to watch logorama.

Janelle said...

I have to laugh because I just ate the biscotti cookies I found in my purse (in the wrapper of course).

I'm glad to see Chubbs is writing again - well at least you want to write. You know I understand the challenges of time. But damn if I added sex and yoga to the mix, I might never blog again. LOL

I just purchased Julie & Julia since I've been so cooking inspired lately.

Jules said...

I truely understand what you are going through. My life now is alla bout work too. We had planned a swimming party for my niece, but it was suspended. Just because i need to work. Gggrrr..I hate it!

The Brown Mestizo