Monday, February 15, 2010

I typically don't post pictures of naked men...

...on my blog, but I'll make an exception today.

On my way home from yoga class a little bit ago, the sneakiest smile crept onto my face thanks to this 100-foot high billboard of sweat-laquered loveliness. The oiled-up gentleman is Parisian model David Agbodji—and I don't think I care or need to know anything else about him (the ad speaks volumes, doesn't it?). I'd like to thank Calvin Klein for giving ad space to the beautiful specimen that is darker-skinned gentlemen. Of course, he could very well be simply capitalizing on the fashion industry gimmick trend of shining the spotlight on models of color. Either way, I now feel the way men must've felt when they had the pleasure of looking up in the sky at Eva Mendez's deliciously barely-covered bits for the past year.

If you'd like to see more of David, here's a handful of pics of him in the Spring 2010 Calvin Klein campaign (fyi, includes a NSFW backside shot I really didn't need to see). Of course, if you live in NYC, get down to Houston and Lafayette for an up-close-and-personal drool-worthy ogle fest of your own.

I guess now the burning question is who was the lucky person who had the painfully tedious task of shellacking this guy (oh, and has he been shellacked everywhere?)—and where does one apply for such a job?

p.s. Happy Chinese New Year—year of the Tiger.

Photo: Vanity Flair


£ said...

He's looking tastayyy, even with the entire contents of the exxon-valdez on him. lol :)

Janelle said...

Good Lord!! Is he real???!!!! I don't even normally like skinny modelesque guys but something about that exxon (hahahaha @ Lex) is making him scrumptious. And that booty. Laawwwwwwd have mercy. LOL I need to come up with a reason to go down to Houston & Lafayette to see this in all his glory.

Chubbs said...

love it--you 2 ladies are hilarious! exxon!