Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...i was just passing through...

...and decided to stay a while. I needed to, and yes, for good. I needed to figure out a clear purpose for being here, in this space. And it needed to be something I could sincerely commit to, at least for now :-) So after much thought, several months worth in fact, i'm giving in to my inner voice and dedicating my blog to love--the idea of it, perhaps the meaning (oh, I could write a book!), loss of it (at times, hopefully not often though), acts of love, you-name-it. Why? Because love is something I so earnestly obsess over, and know so much and so little about. It's something I can share with you--that is, if you still like me. I promise not to be boring.

Anyway, this calls for a re-design of sorts. Sorry I'm not more prepared--I just decided to sit on my bed, open my laptop, and sign-in b/c I knew that I could not go another night without writing something here.

p.s. when I signed into my account tonight, I hadn't done so since August **tsk tsk tsk**. I finally read and approved some extremely lovely and supportive comments. Thank you so much for those. Now to bed with me...xx

p.p.s. If you can't sleep, here's something silly to keep you up for a little--or maybe a lot--longer.


rashad said...

Welcome back, and I look forward to reading you once again

£ said...

I LOVE it chubbs. your words are always so thoughtful and beautiful. I completely feel you on needing to figure out things. If you're going to be here then so am i (i was ready to kill my blog within the next day or two and i see you pop up!) I can't wait to read your thoughts on love, chances are you're going to say everything i want to. I've missed your presence dearly!

*hugs* glad youre back!

(btw im totally doing the love calculator thing. lol)

Chubbs said...

Oh dear me...*blushes* Lex and Rashad, you have no idea how excited I was to read your comments. Thank you for remembering me. Now I've got a lot of catching up to do...I've gotta read 6 months worth of your blog posts!

Lex...don't kill your blog...we need women like you in the blogosphere...well, in the hemisphere for that matter.

Stay tuned for continuous sappiness from me.

£ said...

chubbsikins what a sweet thing to say! And may i return the sentiment wholeheartedly? love the sappiness, i'm a sappy soul myself.

...see you're back for one day and i've already bought a one way ticket to emo-ville! ;)