Monday, June 8, 2009

i wrote this on march 30.

and i found it in my "drafts" today.

i miss the bf sometimes. everyday. he's completely moved forward and let go, and right there in 2nd place, i've tried to do the same. but i miss the old us. the happy us...and isn't that what they all say...they "miss the good times"? but wouldn't it be a blessing to have someone to get through the bad times with as well?

I've still got his shower scrubby under my sink, and he might have my bath scrubby still in a bag in his hall closet. who knows. when we broke up, he gathered all my stuff, dropped it into a plastic bag, and put it in his closet. It seemed very cold. Though, I thought to myself, "why not just throw it away?" i still have all of his emails...over 200 of them. i don't know whether to delete them or not...seems cruel to keep them, and cruel to delete them. months ago when i asked him if he'd kept the emails, he said "yes"...and that he'd keep them, though he probably would not read them. I wonder...


rashad said...

Believe me, your bf misses you too. He's probably insulated himself in the new woman so much that he can't really feel just how much he misses you. but he has moments when he's alone when thinks of you. And i know what i'm talking about because in the past i have "moved on", and still had those thoughts

Summer said...

Dropping to give you kisses and hugs! =)

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Chubbs said...

rashad--that made me all teary. no, seriously though, i appreciate your comment. women sometimes think we're the only one's "holding on" to these types of memories.