Friday, April 17, 2009

okay, baby is dead.

i cannot post enough sad faces here to describe my utter distress over the news that my lovely laptop has a dead hard drive. All the pictures. All the music. All the porn (he hee hee). All my writings and scribblings (thank god I write everything in notebooks). And no, I did not 'back up.' I feel like Carrie in that episode where her computer flashes a sad face and shuts down and everyone keeps asking "did you back your files up?" Except instead of a sad face, I got the Question Mark of Death.

p.s. Enjoy the weekend! Since I won't be trapped inside typing away on my laptop, I think I'll spend the weekend outdoors. Allegra--check! Patenol--check! Neti Pot--check!


rashad said...

I can point you to some fine free porn sites if you'd like

Summer said...

Oh that was quite sad..=(
Don't worry i'm sure everything will be fine.;D


Solo said...

It's ok.I think you really need to buy new

Peas said...

Poor baby. Mine died to about a year ago, and I had to buy a new one. I still have the old one even though it won't even turn on. I am too attached to it to get rid of it.